Required Actions Aligned to Wyoming Medicaid Transition

The new Provider Enrollment Portal, orchestrated by HHS Technology Group, is now live. It offers enrollment trainings, quick reference guides, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), the taxonomy table, county code list, and information on fingerprint criminal background checks. Please visit
Info for Providers from the HHS Provider Enrollment home page.

EDI Services with Conduent will continue to manage the EDI Applications and Trading Partner Agreements, manage billing agents and clearinghouses, and mail the EDI Welcome Letters, until CNSI assumes operations as Wyoming Medicaid’s new Fiscal Agent for the Benefit Management System and Services (BMS).

To Avoid a Lapse in Medicaid Payments

Both the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) and CNSI are working diligently to streamline migrating current and active providers and trading partners (billing agents/clearinghouses) from the existing secure portal to the new secure Provider Portal.

A CNSI Trading Partner Agreement is required for all EDI Trading Partners, billing agents and clearinghouses, prior to the BMS going live, which is planned for fall of 2021.

An obstacle that is being encountered involves obsolete or non-existent trading partner email addresses and mailing addresses on-file with EDI Services. This will hinder communications, as well as the Web Registration process, and possibly cause delays in provider payments and/or services.

To ensure no lapse in payments, and to ensure you and your billing agents/clearinghouses are receiving all CNSI EDI transition-based communications, pay-to and billing providers are encouraged to complete the following steps:

1.    Verify all EDI information is accurate with EDI Services (


2.     Contact your billing agents/clearinghouses to encourage them to also verify and update their information with EDI Services

Note: Pay-to and billing providers are urged to complete this action, as soon as possible.


WINASAP, the Window-based electronic claims entry application for Wyoming Medicaid, will be discontinued. As an alternative, the new secure Provider Portal offers free claims submission and much more.

Medicaid Members

There is no action Medicaid members need to take currently to prepare for this change. Keep an eye out for a new Member ID card that should arrive in late summer or early fall 2021. Instructions will also be provided for accessing the new secure Member Portal, called myHealthPortal, where members can verify eligibility, request travel assistance, Ask Medicaid questions, request or print a Member ID card, and more.

New Wyoming Medicaid Website Address

WDH and CNSI recommend all providers, members, and trading partners “bookmark” the new Wyoming Medicaid website for ease of monitoring publications and training schedules, and to also view important future updates as well as the status of this transition.

The new website address is:

It is also recommended that providers share this information with their billers, billing agents and clearinghouses to ensure they are all kept informed throughout this transition and can also plan for these changes accordingly.