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Pharmacy Claims System / Change Healthcare Outage

As a result of a contractor’s cyber security issue affecting many states, Wyoming Medicaid is continuing to experience technical issues that may make it difficult for you to access your prescriptions. We recognize the confusion and challenges this may be causing for you and your pharmacies and are working hard to help.

Wyoming Medicaid is allowing pharmacies to provide a month supply of any prescriptions you are trying to fill to help you get through this time. Please reach out to your pharmacist to ask them about options for receiving your covered prescription.

The pharmacy should not charge you for any prescription that is covered by Wyoming Medicaid. If your pharmacy is refusing to fill your prescription, or asking you to pay out-of-pocket, please call our Pharmacy Help Desk at 1-877-209-1264 or call Wyoming Medicaid at 307-777-7531. You may experience delays due to call volume.

We are working to determine a timeline for resolving these issues. We will keep in communication and will return to normal as soon as possible.

Welcome to Wyoming Medicaid’s Member Home. On this primary page, members will find information and links to important areas such as the secure myHealthPortal, scheduled Member Portal downtimes, Stop Medicaid Fraud, and more. For more information regarding the myHealthPortal, please click myHealthPortal User Guide.

Within the , members will find options for each of the following key informational areas:

  • – This is the secure Member Portal maintained by Wyoming Medicaid, whereby members can check their eligibility, request a Wyoming Medicaid Benefits ID card, submit a transportation request, and more.
  • – This is a searchable database that can assist members in finding doctors, hospitals and/or clinics that are enrolled in Wyoming Medicaid as healthcare providers.
  • – This area offers a series of informational web pages and documents to help keep members updated on new and changing elements within the Wyoming Medicaid program. These informational offerings include each of the following:
  • – This area displays relevant contacts (mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, websites, and hours of operations) for key Agency groups such as the Customer Service Center (CSC), Member Services, Long Term Care (LTC) Eligibility, and more.
  • – This area offers information regarding Browser Compatibility, Helpful Links, Office Outpatient, and the Wyoming Medicaid Handbook and Wyoming Medicaid Travel Assistance Guide.
    • – This area provides a table that lists the specific web browsers and versions that are supported and required to navigate the Wyoming Medicaid website and both the secure Provider and Member Portals.
    • – This area provides a series of links to relevant and informative websites specifically for members.
    • – This area defines the policy surrounding Doctor Visit Thresholds in a single calendar year.
    • – This handbook provides information regarding eligibility, how to apply for benefits, what services are covered through Wyoming Medicaid, and more.
    • – This guide is offered in both English and Spanish and provides key information for members regarding Medicaid travel assistance.

Returning Members

Click myHealthPortal, enter your Username and Password, and click the blue “Sign In” box to access the secure Member Portal.
Note: Members will need their Wyoming Medicaid Member ID to get started.

New Members – Register for secure myHealthPortal

Click myHealthPortal and select the red “New Users Click Here” box to create a Single Sign On (SSO) account.

Once an SSO account is created, you will receive an email with instructions on how to acquire access to the secure myHealthPortal.
Note: Members will need their Wyoming Medicaid Member ID to get started.

Click the myHealthPortal SSO Registration User Guide for instructions on how to register and access the secure Member Portal.

Single Sign On Updates

Click Single Sign On to update SSO details. Within the SSO page, members can change any of the following SSO details:

  • Change password
  • Display preferences
  • User preferences
  • Add/Remove Tabs
  • Group Application Tiles

Scheduled Website and Portal Downtimes

The following table displays scheduled downtimes and related impact areas for the Wyoming Medicaid website, secure Provider Portal, and secure Member Portal:

Impacted Site Impact Address Justification Downtime Window
Medicaid Website Entire Website (Provider/Member areas and all static content) Scheduled Maintenance

1 am - 3 am MST

Provider Portal Claims Submission Verification Unavailable Scheduled maintenance 1 am - 3 am MST
Member Portal (myHealthPortal) Entire secure Portal Scheduled maintenance 1 am - 3 am MST
Important Notes:

Only Prior Authorizations (PAs) processed by Medical Policy are eligible to be submitted through the secure Provider Portal. For all other authorizations, please refer to Chapter 6 of the provider manual for the table of services for contact information.

Before submitting 278 electronic files, providers, billing agents, and clearinghouses should contact EDI Services to ensure their Trading Partner ID is setup to specifically submit and receive 278 transactions.

COVID-19 Information

Wyoming Medicaid’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to information regarding reputable testing sites and whether a Member qualifies for COVID-19 testing, can be found via the following actions:

  • Contact your Personal Care Physician (PCP)
  • Contact Wyoming Medicaid at 307-777-7531
  • Visit the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) website at:

Testing and treatment directly related to COVID-19 is covered for all current Medicaid clients. Both Medicaid and Medicare have waived cost-sharing for testing related to COVID-19, and Medicaid has waived copays related to treatment as well. Your provider will determine whether testing is appropriate for your condition.

More information on the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) response to COVID-19 is available at:

Notice of Privacy Practices

The following documents describe how your information may be used and disclosed. It also details how you can acquire access to this information.

Stop Medicaid Fraud – Don't be a Victim of Medicaid Fraud & False Medical Claim Schemes

Wyoming Medicaid Members – Protect yourself from being a victim of Medicaid fraud and false medical claim schemes during these unprecedented times surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medicaid scammers and fraudsters perpetrate fraud by preying on people's fears in times of crisis. Their schemes include selling fake COVID-19 test kits, and marketing unapproved treatments through telemarketing calls, unsolicited text messages, social media platforms, and door-to-door visits.

For more important information, please click Stop Medicaid Fraud.

Fraud Schemes Targeting Native American Communities in Behavioral Health Treatment Centers

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) is alerting the public about fraudulent activities aimed at members of Native American communities in relation to behavioral health outpatient treatment centers (OTCs). For more information regarding these fraud schemes, please visit this fraud scheme notification.